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Cooking with Tofu all Summer Long

The summer season is a great time for cooking and eating. The days are long and beautiful, school is out and the markets are full of delicious, seasonal produce. With the freshest ingredients, there is no limit to what you can create from fresh salads, to grilled veggies and desserts speckled with summer berries. Morinaga Silken Tofu makes the perfect addition to any summer meal. Whether you are grilling it with colorful zucchini and bell peppers or using it as a thickener for salad dressings, there are endless ways to sneak in the extra proteins and vitamins that tofu has to offer. Here’s a list of creative ways to incorporate Silken Tofu into your kitchen repertoire this summer.

GRILL IT: If you leave Silken Tofu in the freezer overnight, it will be ready for the grill by dinnertime! Marinate with your favorite mixture and throw it on the grill for salads, sliders or to accompany grilled veggies.

DRESS IT: Or dress with it! Did you know that Morinaga Silken Tofu is a great thickener and dairy substitute for salad dressings? Use it in place of dairy for those blue cheese and ranch variations or use it as a thickener for vinaigrette and citrus-based dressings.

BAKE IT: Not just like a casserole! Silken Tofu can be baked in pies and used as a dairy substitute for just about any baking recipe. Create fruit pies and parfaits with the sweetest summer fruits!

FRY IT: From fried tofu poppers to tofu fries to fried tofu sandwiches, fried tofu is a healthy and festive party trick that is sure to empty plates and many a summer BBQ!

DIP IT: Remember chips and dip? Now you can create beautiful spreads of veggies, chips and dips without worrying about added dairy. Check our site for a variety of tofu dip recipes from hummus to garlicky spinach & artichoke!

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