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Product Features


Aseptic Package


for dips & smoothies

Morinaga Silken Soft Tofu

for entrees & salad

Morinaga Silken Firm Tofu
Morinaga Silken Lite Firm Tofu

only 1g of fat per serving

Morinaga Organic Silken Tofu

certified US Organic

Morinaga Nigari Tofu

traditional Japanese tofu

for stir fry & sauteing

Morinaga Silken Extra Firm Tofu

Why Non-GMO?

A GMO is a genetically modified organism (also called “genetically engineered”): a plant, animal, or micro-organism that has been engineered with DNA from other animals, plants, bacteria, or viruses. GMOs are developed through gene-splicing by biotechnologists and can cross natural species barriers, such as salmon with growth hormones and genes from other fish, or even fish genes in tomato . . . 

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Why the Box?

One major difference between Morinaga and other tofu in the market today is the award-winning aseptic packaging process. During this packaging process, the food inside is never exposed to light, air, or bacteria, all of which can lead to spoilage.

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